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CCTV security gives 24*7 supervision but unfortunately, It has blind spots and the looks are totally different from the interiors. This article is about the world’s first 180 camera full HD Wall Light security camera. That matches with the home interior and looks beautiful. This masterpiece is equipped with latest sensors and technology.

Uniijem 180 Camera HD Wall Light Security Cameras

Uniijem is the world’s first HD Wall Light Security Camera. This is 4-in-1 security system which gives you the flexibility to see, hear and speak to the person who is on your door from anywhere in the world. This camera easily connects to your mobile phone through the internet and you can see live status of your place.


This unijem 180 camera gives you a wide-angle vision which covers almost 180 degrees. It means no dead angle is present. you can visit any angle just by scrolling your smartphone screen. This 180 camera is equipped with a two-way speaker and a wall light with 16 million colors.

Due to its infrared, it can give you a clear image in low light as well as in dark. Its body is made of stainless steel and can also be operated from the battery along with the wire. There are two IR sensors for detecting distance and a waterproof microphone.



Unijem have a beautiful wall light which changes its color. This light can be changed by smartphone. It has a 180 degree HD hidden infra-red camera with a speaker and mic. It has the ability to detect a person 15 meters away. Get notifications as someone approaches your door. This distance is changeable you can adjust it to your need. As the person comes in the range starts recording even in the night.

Its smart sensor can differentiate between an animal and a person. you can take video and pictures, which can be stored directly on your smartphone. It has a built-in siren if needed for extra protection Or you can program your own voice.

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company starts delivering the final product from December 2017.


source:- kickstarter , unijem



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