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Might be you all have a childhood dream to have a magical pencil like Sanju of Shakalaka boom boom. This is not dreaming anymore. The 3Doodler make a 3d pen which is full fill you’s dream in some aspects.

This is not dreaming anymore, 3Doodler is full fill you’s dream in some aspects.

The 3Doodles 3D Pen a 3-dimensional drawing pen

Here I am going to share all about The 3Doodles 3D Pen a 3-dimensional drawing pen. This pen can draw in the air with multicolor in any direction. you can make any prototype, model, mobile phone cover etc by using this pen.


With the 3Doodler  you can draw anything in the air. it  works by Extruding heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure, allowing for the freehand creation of the 3-dimensional object

With the help of this pen, you can create plastic masterpieces in the air. Simply place the pen on a surface, draw a line into the air, and then start adding details to this anchor. This 3d pen use ABS or Plastic Material which is heated up by the pen and come out threw Nosal.

insert the ABS or PLA plastic filament into the back. using the arrows, regulate or press the speed of your choice and watch the plastic flow out of the pen through the extruder tip. now, the pen is ready to color your dreams in reality. To switch colors, push both buttons and the plastic ejects out of the back and then slips in another color.

To date, there are three different pens, namely the start, Create, and pro.


The 3Doodler is a 3D Pen which is Developed by Peter Dilworth. Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen of Wobble Wors.The 3Doodler is the first prototype in 2012 at Somerville, Massachusetts. The first pen was used by the stereolithography technique which was created by Charles w.Hull in the mid-1980s.


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