Accessories Cost Less Than Rs. 500

Here we are enlisting the Accessories cost less Rs. 500 so you can buy-write thing at the right price.

Accessories cost less Rs. 500

Options for one accessory always confuse and make hard to choose correct thing at the correct price. Sometimes due to lack of awareness, we buy the wrong thing at a high price. To resolve this issue we enlist in this article We introduce Accessories cost less Rs. 500 for your smartphone. This all accessories are extremely useful and compactable for all ios & android devices.

1. Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone S530

This slim design Bluetooth Earphone cost near about 300/-. This wireless earphone has v4.0 Bluetooth. This ultralight design stereo Bluetooth headset supports all the mobile phones. It is easy to carry and support most of the mobile application like WeCha, QQ voice calls etc. It has long battery life and fast charging. This earphone has transmission range 8m and frequency 2.402-2.480 GHz with 4 Hours talk time and 120 hours standby time. It has 50mA Rechargeable battery. All this with a one-year warranty.

Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone S530

2. Mini Tripod

Recoding a video is very difficult with holding camera or smartphone with hands. Here our next gadget solves this issue with the possible cheapest price. This mini tripod of cost Rs. 375/- included smartphone mount. This Device is perfect for the people who record s lot of video with their smartphone. The best thing about mini tripod you can also use it as a selfie stick. It has an image or videos stabilizer if your hands are shaky.

Mini Tripod

3. USB Speakers

This Approx Rs. 300/- USB powered speakers definitely blow your mind. This super compact USB speaker connects through 3.5mm jack. This speaker all the smartphone having 3.5mm jack. The audio quality is superb. You can power it with any USB adapter.  You can also power it with your laptop and pc through USB.

USB Speakers

4. Virtual Reality Box

Virtual reality is the hot topic nowadays. our next gadget definitely blows your mind and give you a new experience. This RS. 400/ VR and 3D box help you to experience a new virtual world with the help of your traditional smartphone. This VR box has an adjustable lens. It is very easy to wear and have a great picture quality. And can be fit with 4.7 to 6-inch screen.


5. 8x Zoom mobile clip lens

Every one love photography but some time smartphone cameras are not enough. Next gadget on our list helps you to click awesome pictures and videos. This lens costs almost Rs. 500/- and give you awesome clicks. These Accessories cost less Rs. 500 and available in market you can buy it online also

Accessories cost less Rs. 500
8x Zoom mobile clip lens


These Accessories cost less Rs. 500 and available in market you can buy it online also




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