Cartoons and fictions always inspire for having a robot friend who has superheroes ability and it is the best friend of you. now you actually own a robot like you always dream. ASIMO Robot

Meet ASIMO Robot

ASIMO, a robot whose body shape built to resemble the human body so, there may be many similarities like humans. It;s a humanistic robot created by HONDA in 2000.
Evolution of ASIMO Robot
ASIMO was inaugurated in 2000 and its first public outward form was in US 2002. ASIMO robots have come through a long way and after a so long innovation. It covers almost 3 decay to reach this stage.

Abilities of ASIMO Robot

ASIMO has a 3D computer processor a signal converter and memory. It is controlled by PC, Due to advanced features, it can interact with humans. Asimo has cameras in its eyes. Camera means it can record all the stuff of the day. Asimo is totally civilized it shakes a hand, it waves at you when approached, it nods and also answers your questions. It can recognize approx 10 different faces and mark them by name all, these abilities are packed under approx 5 feat body.
Autonomous navigation, a Laser sensor, infrared sensor are used in making Asimo more advanced.There are two cameras in its head, a visual sensor which helps in detection of obstacles. Its lower portion has sensors which are used to detect the ground surface, helps to adjust brightness made it follow the map correctly.
ASIMO Robot can dance
 Benefits to the I Phone and Android smartphone users there is an application for them called “Run with Asimo”.  This was developed on the 10th anniversary of Asimo. Asimo is helpful to the human being as they can perform any job. The jobs which are further known dangerous to human, one of the safety measures to the living.
ASIMO Robot sing and deliver lectures


ASIMO also made the tour around many countries like United Kingdom, Tokyo, Ottawa. It was also the part of North American education tour and went for many educational session. The goal of this tour is not the comparison between human ability and the robotic science. Encouragement to the younger age group about this field.
One of the attractive thing about ASIMO is it also walked on the red carpet for the film Robot. The next film to share about ASIMO is Human Interaction with Robots. The result of this film is to guide the development of future robots.
This is one of the good indications to the people who believe in nature more than science. As without nature, there is no Science. The humanistic robot is becoming popular for entertainment too, female robot sings, play, dance. Approach to the advanced world of the robots. isn’t going to stop this is just a better initial and will be more of it.
Thank you,  Shalini Chandra.
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