Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories

Apple always introduces new features in their product. Accessories enhance its quality and flexibility to use. The best part of accessories is you can customise your phone according to uses. Here we are going to be offering Top 5 Best iPhone accessories that will definitely make your iPhone cool.

Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories

1. Breathalyzer

The breathalyzer is a BACtrack invention which helps you to quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol continent. It gives precise information by using Mini-solenoid internal breath pump. It has wireless connectivity via Bluetooth with a free BACtrack mobile application. This device is enough smart to understand the situation and can call a Taxi if you have too much. This useful gadget available in market at the price of $99.99.

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To monitor wind speed and weather can save your holiday plan and make you hearo of your group. Here is the most advanced and smartphone compactable device name WINDmeter. Design by the Waterflow which can measure precise measures wind speed and predict precise weather condition. It also tells the wind direction, Crosswind, Headwind, and tailwind. This gadget supports most of the iPhones such as 6 plus and above. To use it you have to put it into the 3.5mm audio jack. All The information immediately display on your smartphone. WINDmeter is available at the price of $39.95. You can buy it online click here.



3. Scosche Rhythm + Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Continue monitoring of heart increases the efficiency of exercise. Especially for the sportspersons, this gadget is very beneficial for them. This ultra-light wearable device easily fits on your arm. You can connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This device is sweatproof & waterproof that means you can use it while you are in the water. This heart rate armband is available at the price of $79.99. To buy it click here.

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Armband Heart Rate Monitor


4. Macro Pro Lens Set

Every one love photography but some time smartphone cameras are not enough. Next gadget on our list helps you to click awesome pictures and videos. The company olloclip suggest it name Macro pro lens set. This external lens perfectly fits on your iPhone and convert it into a digital microscope or loupe.  This lens is available on most of the shopping website at the price of $69.99. You can buy it by click here.

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Macro Pro Lens Set

5. Lynx 3

Gaming in any smartphone is the best feature of any smartphone. But playing some games on-screen controller really sucks. Madcatz have a perfect solution they name it Lynx 3. The lynx 3 is a gaming pad. It is one of the Best iPhone Accessories. This foldable gamepad connects to your phone using Bluetooth.

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Gaming Pad


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