Everywhere robots are rolling and our pets are not beyond its reach. Robotics now introduced for dogs also. Our this article is a special robot which is designed to take care of your dogs. The Anthouse Robotics name it Buddy. Buddy is a fully autonomous robot which might be second Best friend of your dog.

Technology behind Buddy

Buddy is loaded with a bunch of latest sensors like wireless automated charger, Obstacle avoid, tennis ball launcher etc. It also has a built-in camera that allows you to monitor your dog every time. Your talk with your dog with the help of built-in speakers. Buddy has wireless connectivity by using Wifi and has a display also. It took almost 4 hours and work approx 320 minutes.


Using this robot you can take pictures record videos and share and store it to cloud. This robot also supports live streaming. Which can be seen any were from the world. By using the Walkie-Talkie button on the Buddy App. You can speak and project out your familiar voice to your pet via Buddy’s built-in speaker. It has a small tennis ball launcher with easy launch control. The best part of the buddy is treated dispenser. You can reward your dog any time or you can feed him at any time. You can control speed, video recording etc by your smartphone application. The most advanced feature I found is the wireless automatic charging. It will automatically return to its wireless charging station and start charging.



This robot is available in two colours white & yellow. It cost around $400 and the packet contains one Robot and one wireless charging station. The delivery starts as soon as possible the company is planning for 2018.


Source:- Kickstarter





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