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Upcoming Best Smartwatch 2018

Touchscreen smartwatch Smartwatch is one of the best wearable accessories. It enhances the personality. Smartwatches are very useful and expensive. Here we are introducing a budget with complete specification. ZeTime and ZeTime Petite, its new lineup of smartwatches, feature the very best tech that you come to expect from a smartwatch. Specification Aside from the

Google Home

Google Home Artificial intelligence is a hot topic now and Google is on top of this race with its brand new product Google Home. This device is going to make your home more intelligent and effective. This approx 3,000 stuff is do everything for you can talk command him and this slave executes it. The device has a soul

Sennheiser Headphone Cost Rs. 70,000 INR

Sennheiser has launched the IE 800 S may be one of the most expensive Sennheiser earphones cost 999$ approx 70,000 INR. Sleek and compact the IE 800 s is redefines the benchmark for crisp and clear in-ear sound performance. A cool and attractive look tops off this handcrafted piece of aural excellence. Technology Sennheiser Headphone Incorporating the next evolutionary

iPhone wireless charging

iPhone wireless charging Iphons lightning cable is very delicate and breaks very easily. Charging is a major problem for any smart device It is very common with smartphones. Not only charging some time it is hard to maintain the perfect connection between the device and charger. It is very hard to charge two devices with a single charger. iPhone wireless charging


Everywhere robots are rolling and our pets are not beyond its reach. Robotics now introduced for dogs also. Our this article is a special robot which is designed to take care of your dogs. The Anthouse Robotics name it Buddy. Buddy is a fully autonomous robot which might be second Best friend of your dog. Technology behind Buddy

Goliath Robot

CNC makes prototype very easy. Cutting, Drawing or 3D printing everything is done by CNC machines. From automobiles factories to our printers or Robots all are in reality because of CNC. Our this article about a portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD format. Company name it Goliath Robot


90s kids always remember the era of games like Pacman, donkey kong, Super Mario etc.  Good news for them who want to live that time again. GameShell retro games full-fill your these desires. Gameshell is the world’s first portable game console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system. It allows you to play thousands of games. They wanted to

Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases

Smartphone case gives a unique identity to your phone. Here is a list of  Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases. That gives a unique look at your phone. 1. Metal Dial Phone. Our first case steampunk Rotary Metal Dial Phone gives a classy look to your phone.This case is available for all the model of iPhone. Materials

Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories

Apple always introduces new features in their product. Accessories enhance its quality and flexibility to use. The best part of accessories is you can customise your phone according to uses. Here we are going to be offering Top 5 Best iPhone accessories that will definitely make your iPhone cool. Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories 1. Breathalyzer The breathalyzer