Cooking Robot

Cooking Robot

How cool it will be if Professional Chef cooks food daily for you.  I know we all love tasty food but it is very difficult to cook like professionals. Moley robotics has a tasty solution for your jumbo hunger, a Cooking Robot.

They design a complete kitchen set or cooking robot which can make automatic more than thousand types of dishes.

Meet the First Robotic Kitchen


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Moley performing task like real human hands


Mark Oleynik, Founder & CEO of Moley Robotics, He and his team created the world’s first fully automated kitchen set.

If we talk about the physical appearances. Moley consists of two robotic hands equipped with tactile sensors, an oven, an electric stove, a dishwasher, a refrigerator.


The technology behind the cooking robot.



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Sophisticated Technology Behind the Cooking Robot


Two fully articulated hands comprise the kitchen’s enabling technology. With ability, it can reproduce exact movement like a human hand. This cooking robot doesn’t just cook like a machine it actually grabs the objects, cut the vegetables, pours the salt like human hands.

All this is possible with motion-capture technique. It actually traces the motions you do while you cook it take record of all the ingredients and record the times and all other required data and save it for futures so it can re-cook the same dish again.

That is how it can cook exactly same dishes which your granny cooks. Not only you, your friend also enjoy the same dish due to the internet.

The Ability of the Robotic kitchen.



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Dishes Prepared by Cooking Robot


Moley can slice vegetables, grip any object and can cook more than thousands type of delicious dishes.

I hope very soon they make a fully functioning robot like ASIMO, Who not only cook but serve also. In the current prototype, the user operates the machine with the help of built-in touchscreen or smartphone. this cooking robot is pre-loaded with 2,000 recipes.

Achievements of the Robotic kitchen.

The cooking robot has been distinguished in several international sciences and engineering events.

It won the CES shanghai award at 2015 May in China.

In Jan 2016, it was a finalist at the first edition of the UAE AI and Robotics Award in the international category, health sector.

Launch Date?

As the company begins in 2015 they work very hard to brings a consumer version to market. They are planning to launch their first product in 2018.

Price ?

It is very hard to pretend the actual price of the final product it is expected that this sophisticated technology cost approximately $15,000




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