Drones replacing waiters

FreeMotionHandling || Drone, Drones replacing waiters.

Suppose you are at a party and you want a drink, for this if you follow traditional method first you have to call waiter order him and wait for the delivery but now this process is going to be smart. Festo is working to break all these old rules they design a hybrid of a balloon and a drone take the order and deliver it to your table. Drones replacing waiters is now almost true and Festo is behind it.

Meet Freehandlingmotion

This is not an imagination yes this is true because of the commendable effort of Festo which is a German Multinational industrial control and automation company. This is the first-time Festo combine both Gripping and Flying in free-motion-handling to make transportation easy and smart.

Enough smart to find the shortest path

The user can place the order through his smartphone. A robotic waiter who can fly delivers your drink on your table. For this Festo build a flying assistance system in it which handling in mid-air. That consists of an ultralight carbon ring with eight adaptive propellers. in mid of the ring sits a rotatable helium ball with integrated gripping elements.

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Grab an object

One of the facts is that there is no pilot required to control the flying object. It coordinated externally by an indoor GPS. Two onboard cameras for gripping objects, route planning etc.

quick service

How cool is this “a balloon kind of hybrid drone serve you a drink”

Drones replacing waiters is now true, one more this waiter never ask for a tip.


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