90s kids always remember the era of games like Pacman, donkey kong, Super Mario etc.  Good news for them who want to live that time again. GameShell retro games full-fill your these desires. Gameshell is the world’s first portable game console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system. It allows you to play thousands of games. They wanted to be able to revisit those classic favorites and refresh the experience in an easy and flexible way and they design GameShell for that.

Technology Behind GameShell

GameShell uses the powerful LINUX operating system and every game published on it will be free, open-source and modifiable. Like many of you, we loved Game Boy, NES and other consoles. GameShell supports other programming languages like c,  Python, LUA, and LISP. This thing gives the flexibility to modify the games or to create a new game. This flexibility gives your imagination wings and helps to shape it with GameShell. Make your own game with your rules.



Instead of making a single device they make it like lego puzzle. You can reshape it according to your need. It has 5 independent modules Screen, Keypad, Speaker, Battery, and Mainboard. This flexibility opens a new gate for the DIY project. You can build a  wireless speaker, a robot, smart home etc. The pack carries all hardware parts and a Micro SD card with os and games. It allows you to play free independent games or open word games with superb audio and video.

DIY kit


This mind-blowing gadget cost started from $89. The final product is about to reach in the market very soon. The company is planning to start delivering the product from Apr 2018. And they can deliver the item in anywhere in the world. so what are you waiting for go to Kickstarter and book your product now.


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