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HD & 3D video games will become old after reading this article. Ever want to indulge yourself in your favorite FPS or explore things in an open world reality game, Gaming Suit made it possible.

You must have heard about Virtual Reality, some of you even have tried VR Headsets. But VR technology has gone pretty far from that.

The new era of Virtual Reality along with ARAIG Gaming Suit pushes video gaming to next level.

ARAIG Gaming Suit just makes you feel like you are inside your game.

Virtual Reality Gaming Suit ARAIG


Gaming suit
ARAIG – As Real As It Gets

ARAIG is a wearable multi-sensor, multi-directional, force feedback suit. It means that you can experience all forces your character feel in the virtual world.

Let clear it more with an example suppose you are playing counter strike an a bullet hits your character that hitting impact you will also feel. The next level of augmented reality is with this suit.




For connecting the virtual world to reality this suit uses three forms of sensors feedback. surround sound, vibration, and STIMS.

STIMS is a really unique aspect of the suit, it contracts particularly muscle for real sensation. The pectorals and abdominal muscles are main targets of this suit.

If you are thinking it will gonna painfull then IFTech assures us that the ARAIG is FDA approved and does not cause any pain to the user.

The surround sound is produced by the built-in speakers which itself let the user hear sounds as if they were actually in the game. Last is vibration which varies if a bullet hits you vibration impact is for that reason and if plasma hits you that impact is for the whole body.

Might be one day this suit has an Artificial Intelligence and can be able to fly give you the real adventure.




This suit costs an approximate of $499 which comes with an Exoskeleton Which is suit itself.  A decoder which is used for connecting the various gaming platforms. A Rechargeable battery, a power cord.


Source: Kickstarter


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