Goliath Robot

CNC makes prototype very easy. Cutting, Drawing or 3D printing everything is done by CNC machines. From automobiles factories to our printers or Robots all are in reality because of CNC. Our this article about a portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD format. Company name it Goliath Robot

Technology Behind Goliath Robot

Goliath Robot comes with a patented sensor, which triangulates the position of the robot. This robot uses radio frequency for communication. The sensors continuously update the potion of the robot relative to the work area at the rate of 100 times in a second. It has a capability to calibrate its position automatically. This Goliath Robot can Cut, Drow & print all these things are possible because of CNC technology. The company mixes the robotics with CNC and the product they made is mind-blowing.


The change of orientation feature allows Goliath robot to easily navigate to the edge of the panel to work. In such a way you can place the drawing wherever you like, in order to reduce the waste of material. Goliath can calibrate zero of the z-axis autonomously. Goliath also comes with two-panel extensions, whose purpose is to enable Goliath to reach also the very end of the corner. The robot is portable and lightweight. This bot is autonomous with the accuracy of 0.1mm. You can connect it with WI-FI and the sensors have a range of 9.8ft. It has the ability to self-route and 1.3 inches cut depth and work with many materials. The sensors make it smarter so it knows where to stop.

Goliath Robot


This most advanced and useful robot is cheaper than the traditional similar machines. You can buy it at the price of $1490. And you can work on most of the material such as wood, aluminum, plastic. This robot compactable with .dwg, .svg, .ai.




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