iPhone wireless charging

iPhone wireless charging

iPhone wireless charging
iPhone wireless charging

Iphons lightning cable is very delicate and breaks very easily. Charging is a major problem for any smart device It is very common with smartphones. Not only charging some time it is hard to maintain the perfect connection between the device and charger. It is very hard to charge two devices with a single charger. iPhone wireless charging

Funxim has a solution to all these problems They design first Qi standard fast wireless charging pad on the market designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch. With a charging conversion rate of over 80%, you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time with ultra speed.This stylish Funxim is not only able to charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but also supports Apple watch and Android devices. A Qi-standard fast wireless charger pad offers 80% charging efficiency, Funxim is designed for the exceptional fast wireless charging experience.


Funxim uses wireless technology to deliver power from pad to iPhone & Apple Watch. This technology is also introduced in X-Base, Led sticker, Phone cleaner. This tec is not new but using it in this way definitely a new idea. iPhone wireless charging


The company is planning to deliver the product at the price of $29 which is cheaper than any other wireless charger available in the market. iPhone wireless charging

Source:- Kickstarter:-  Funxim


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