Laser Keyboard

After Touchscreens, gestures, fingerprint scanner its time to the Laser Keyboard. A compact box which projects a keyboard on any surface and user can use it like an ordinary keyboard. The name suggested by the CELLUON is magic cube which is the most compact, data input solution ever. Epic projects a keyboard onto any flat and opaque surface in a form of red color LASER.

Technology Behind Laser Keyboard.

A laser or beamer projects visible light onto a level surface. A sensor or camera pick up the fingers movement. Software converts the coordinates to identify actions or characters. Some devices project second invisible rays above the virtual keyboard. The user’s finger breaks the infrared beans and reflects light back to the camera. The camera calculates it and the sensor chip determines whether infrared beam was broken. The software determines the action or character be generated. This keyboard connects to the device either through Bluetooth or USB.

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laser keyboard, Celluon magic cube


It has QWERTY keyboard with multi-touch mouse function. Typing is almost effortless. Use common mouse feature with windows and mac. Tracks natural movement of your finger. Scroll, zoom in/out, click, page forward/back. Multi-touch gestures on a supported device like android, windows, mac.

19 mm key pitch, overall keyboard size 100 mm * 240 mm. It can recognize 350 characters per minute. It has red LASER diode(IEC class 1 laser) which is 100% safe.

This laser keyboard magic cube is very easy to use. You can control the cursor by moving your finger freely in any direction within the operational area. Click and drag with one finger on the surface, For Zoom in-out by pinch in and pinch out. Forward and back swipe left for “back” & swipe right for “forward”.


This laser keyboard epic is available on its official website. you can buy it worth $129.99.


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