Led Sticker

If you have a nail paint on which LED light is on it and when you hold your smartphone This LED sticker gives light. Of course, it will take attention of every person And it will enhance your beauty. yes, this is true and this is available in the market.

LED sticker

Technology Behind Led sticker

Wireless power transformation is not new. The wireless charger is in use and all of you are aware of it. Similarly, this sticker also works. It uses NFC (Near-field communication which is a set of communication protocols. That enable two electronic devices. To establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other). A similar principle is used in this sticker. When you bring your phone near it start blinking. Imagin how cool it looks.  And that is eye-catching.

This nail sticker contains a small circuit and a LED light which is powered without any battery, it uses NFC of your phone. All you have to do is past it on your nail and seal it properly. Use gel or acrylic to create a base coat on the nails, place the sticker on the desired area and encase it with another layer of gel or acrylic. now, your nail is ready for artwork

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Use LED sticker for Nail Art


This sticker is nearly as thin as paper so it is very easy to use it. This sticker has a compact circuit which holds a LED light. The glue is long lasting and waterproof. Not only a smartphone but any NFC enable device light it like, at Metro token scanner machines, credit Card reader machines which are used for transactions.

There is a bad news for iPhone user This will most likely not work with your phone. Even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ has NFC capability. Apple does not allow users to turn on the NFC setting.


The price is different on the different website but you will get 2 pieces for Approx $-16.


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