Everywhere robots are rolling and our pets are not beyond its reach. Robotics now introduced for dogs also. Our this article is a special robot which is designed to take care of your dogs. The Anthouse Robotics name it Buddy. Buddy is a fully autonomous robot which might be second Best friend of your dog. Technology behind Buddy

Goliath Robot

CNC makes prototype very easy. Cutting, Drawing or 3D printing everything is done by CNC machines. From automobiles factories to our printers or Robots all are in reality because of CNC. Our this article about a portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD format. Company name it Goliath Robot


90s kids always remember the era of games like Pacman, donkey kong, Super Mario etc.  Good news for them who want to live that time again. GameShell retro games full-fill your these desires. Gameshell is the world’s first portable game console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system. It allows you to play thousands of games. They wanted to

Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases

Smartphone case gives a unique identity to your phone. Here is a list of  Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases. That gives a unique look at your phone. 1. Metal Dial Phone. Our first case steampunk Rotary Metal Dial Phone gives a classy look to your phone.This case is available for all the model of iPhone. Materials

Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories

Apple always introduces new features in their product. Accessories enhance its quality and flexibility to use. The best part of accessories is you can customise your phone according to uses. Here we are going to be offering Top 5 Best iPhone accessories that will definitely make your iPhone cool. Top 5 Best iPhone Accessories 1. Breathalyzer The breathalyzer

X Base

Interior of homes reflects a lot about you. And guest always notices everything. Our next gadget is definitely amazing them and opens an endless path of creation. Shape your endless imagination with X Base. Which is a display stand which wirelessly powers unique LED lights. X base comes with tiny LEDs which are wirelessly powered and you

Laser Keyboard

After Touchscreens, gestures, fingerprint scanner its time to the Laser Keyboard. A compact box which projects a keyboard on any surface and user can use it like an ordinary keyboard. The name suggested by the CELLUON is magic cube which is the most compact, data input solution ever. Epic projects a keyboard onto any flat and opaque surface in a

Led Sticker

If you have a nail paint on which LED light is on it and when you hold your smartphone This LED sticker gives light. Of course, it will take attention of every person And it will enhance your beauty. yes, this is true and this is available in the market. Technology Behind Led sticker Wireless power transformation