180 camera

CCTV security gives 24*7 supervision but unfortunately, It has blind spots and the looks are totally different from the interiors. This article is about the world’s first 180 camera full HD Wall Light security camera. That matches with the home interior and looks beautiful. This masterpiece is equipped with latest sensors and technology. Uniijem 180 Camera HD Wall

Smart Mirror

The story’s witches have a magic mirror. Which answers every question. Our this Gadget is going to do same but in the real world. Monolith the first premium Android powered, full size, smart mirror. It is the world first floorstanding Smart Mirror powered by Android operating system. Monolith Smart Mirror Monolith is a very good concept for the geeks who


You can experience Virtual reality only by seeing but this new gadget makes you feel the surroundings. Experience your video game with a new angle. Whirlwind FX has a totally new concept which let you feel on-screen effects like fire, wind etc in reality. Imagine felling the effect of the explosion while watching an action scene from a movie. Or what

Gaming Suit

HD & 3D video games will become old after reading this article. Ever want to indulge yourself in your favorite FPS or explore things in an open world reality game, Gaming Suit made it possible. You must have heard about Virtual Reality, some of you even have tried VR Headsets. But VR technology has gone pretty far

Cooking Robot

Cooking Robot How cool it will be if Professional Chef cooks food daily for you.  I know we all love tasty food but it is very difficult to cook like professionals. Moley robotics has a tasty solution for your jumbo hunger, a Cooking Robot. They design a complete kitchen set or cooking robot which can make automatic

iPhone X Review

iPhone x Previously we talked about the iPhone 8. We talked about the new performance upgrades, refreshed glass design, pretty much everything. Getting all those improvements was a step up but we must accept that it was not up to the standards for the Flagship of 2017. It is true that the design is not bad

Unique Mobile Phones

Unique Mobile Phones Here is a list of Most Unique mobile phones of 2017. Mobile phones that have a foldable screen. Mobile phones that are transparent. smartphones that can do more than just a call. So far we are not reached to that level of sophistication just yet. But here are some of the honorable


Cartoons and fictions always inspire for having a robot friend who has superheroes ability and it is the best friend of you. now you actually own a robot like you always dream. ASIMO Robot Meet ASIMO Robot ASIMO, a robot whose body shape built to resemble the human body so, there may be many similarities like humans. It;s

Robot Butterflies

Butterflies Everyone love butterflies not because only its beauty but also because it is a message of a healthy environment. But now days especially in metro cities, it is very difficult to find a single butterfly around us. If you want butterflies around you here is a good news for you. Robot Butterflies   Meet eMotionButterflies

Solar Powered Bikini

Solar Powered Bikini solar powered bikini, Imagine you can charge your device while taking the sunbath and enjoy the worship of sun rays with your peaceful environment.  is the future. Mans stay away with that because solar power underwear is still in under development. Solar Powered Bikini, like its name, suggests Solar powered Bikini. It is a