iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Another year and yet, another iPhone arrived. iPhone 8 was introduced on 12 September at the new Steve Jobs Theater at the brand new “Apple Park” corporate campus. At that event, they not only unveiled the new iPhone 8 but its big brother, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple TV 4K, all new Apple Watch and last

Earphones without speakers

AFTERSHOKZ TREKZ TITANIUM Earphones without speakers Have you ever imagine a Earphones without speakers in it. I know it is weird but it is true. AFTERSHOKZ has developed a technology, they name it Bone Conduction Technology. In this technology, the user does not need any speakers to hear any audio the sound is directly transmitted into

Magic Pen

Might be you all have a childhood dream to have a magical pencil like Sanju of Shakalaka boom boom. This is not dreaming anymore. The 3Doodler make a 3d pen which is full fill you’s dream in some aspects. This is not dreaming anymore, 3Doodler is full fill you’s dream in some aspects. The 3Doodles 3D

Robotic Pet

How cool to have a robotic pet who talk, play and entertain you with his cute moves, wait now this is not a dream where you are going to meet an actual robot who do all this with you. Meet Cozmo Cozmo is a small and cute robot who may be your next best friend, this

Drones replacing waiters

FreeMotionHandling || Drone, Drones replacing waiters. Suppose you are at a party and you want a drink, for this if you follow traditional method first you have to call waiter order him and wait for the delivery but now this process is going to be smart. Festo is working to break all these old rules they

Micromax Canvas Infinity

In our previous post about LG Q6, we talked so much about the latest game changer edge-to-edge display design stands out of the crowd. Pretty much we forgot about our home grew brands such as Micromax. We won’t lie about recent passiveness of the brand in the market. But not anymore. Stands Out From the


You really would have liked bezel-less screen of the Flagship LG G6, must’ve wanted that FullVision display that is called by LG but the “Flagship” price must’ve put you down. Not to worry for that LG got you covered. The new Q6 from LG is actually the pared-down and more affordable version of the G6

Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone The Essential PH-1 is the first product from Android(Operating System) co-creator Andy Rubin’s company called Essential Products Inc. The handset is made from a combination of ceramic and titanium which we have seen the first time in the smartphone market, and it has a 5.71-inch 2560×1312 QHD resolution with edge-to-edge LCD Display with