Automatic Phone Cleaner With Wireless Charger.

Have you ever thought that the phone you hold actually how dirty is it? Research proves that it is 20 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Which makes you sick. Don’t panic CARWASH definitely solve this issue. Similarly, our robotic chef who solves cooking of food problem. The Phone cleaner is an automatic phone cleaner and a wireless charger. Wich can clean all the oil, dirt & bacterias from both sides of your smartphone.

CARWASH, Fully Automatic Phone Cleaner & Wireless Charger

Technology Behind Phone cleaner

CARWASH is a simple device that automatically polishes your smartphone’s front and back. All you have to do is keep your phone in the carwash mouth, which it is automatically inserted and automatically pull it out after cleaning. you can also charge your phone wirelessly. The carwash is equipped with two microfibre antibacterial cleaning surface which is enough strong to remove fingerprints or any kind of dirt.



Carwash has a compact design like vortx (which actually give you the sensation of the virtual world). Due to its compact design, it is very easy to carry it and obviously, you can use it as a power bank. Every cleaning process is automatic. The company wants you to have the feeling of a brand new phone in your kand like on the first day when it was unboxed and that every day. The body is made of solid plastic which is last long with removable pads. The Phone cleaner is fully automatic it means no button is present on it. you have to just put your phone in its mouth rest everything it will do automatically. The wireless charger you can use your wireless charging support phone.


Source:- Kickstarter, phonecarwash


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