Robot Butterflies


Everyone love butterflies not because only its beauty but also because it is a message of a healthy environment. But now days especially in metro cities, it is very difficult to find a single butterfly around us. If you want butterflies around you here is a good news for you. Robot Butterflies

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Artificial Flying Butterflies


Meet eMotionButterflies or Robot Butterflies

Festo has developed an artificial butterfly which not only looks like a real butterfly but it can also fly like a real butterfly.



As you know Flying is a recurring theme in Bionic Learning Network. We, already publish an article on Festo’s Freemotionhandling drone you can check this at hereHere we focus on the Future of waiters.

This time on the same topic they make an artificial butterfly with flapping wings which flies like a real butterfly.

To keep the butterfly tiny, airborne and light, Festo does not place any sensor on this. they actually track the movements with the help of ten cameras, which use an infrared marker on each butterfly.



Every data through the infrared cameras was processed by a central computer. which analyses the data and takes decision accordingly and gives instruction to the robotic butterflies, and robot butterflies follow these instructions. all the complex calculation is done by the powerful central computer.



The robotic butterfly impress with an intelligently employed mechanical system and the smallest possible power units in the tightest space. The reduced use of materials enables the true to nature flying behavior. This is an example how our modern word going to look like. This butterfly also uses for military purpose like keep spy on enemies. Festo opens a new gate of exploration in bionic robotics. These invasions leads the A.I and machine learning to the next level

Sources:- FESTO


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