Robotic Pet

How cool to have a robotic pet who talk, play and entertain you with his cute moves, wait now this is not a dream where you are going to meet an actual robot who do all this with you.

Meet Cozmo

Cozmo is a small and cute robot who may be your next best friend, this little guy has his own brain. Cozmo is the most energetic cute friend who is always ready to learn and play, daily he learn on the reference of his previous moves.

  Fear of height

This little thing is overloaded with cuteness with lot’s of emotion like anger, fear, happiness, sadness, excitement, bore and try to fool you with his cute moves. when he bore he force you to play with him bring cubes to you and ask for playing.

play time

Cozmo know about its limit it is full with lots of sensors which tell him about height, obstacles, and all possible dangers. He fears from height and makes you entertain you with his funny moves like a naughty cartoon character.

Fun Time

All this is the result of team Anky maker of Cozmo which is a robotic and artificial intelligence startup, in 2010 at San Francisco, USA.


If you want him you can buy him online from any shopping website.


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