Solar Powered Bikini

Solar Powered Bikini

solar powered bikini, Imagine you can charge your device while taking the sunbath and enjoy the worship of sun rays with your peaceful environment.  is the future. Mans stay away with that because solar power underwear is still in under development.

Solar Powered Bikini, like its name, suggests Solar powered Bikini. It is a wearable gadget which produces electricity under the sun. I know this is totally weird to imagine a device like solar power bikini.

But this is 100% real gadget

Meet Solar Powered Bikini

An American Designer whose name is Andrew Schneider design this solar powered Bikini. He uses photo-voltaic panels and sews them together with conductive threads.

This has produced enough voltage to charge your smartphone, iPod, etc. Light power consuming devices, you can connect it via USB port. This port is sewed in the fabric.

Solar Powered Bikini is made up of 40 paper-thin flexible, photo-voltaic panels for every bikini. thew sew them using conducting threads(a special kind of thread which pass electricity like a wire).

It is waterproof it means you can use it during swimming. All you have to care is that disconnect all the attached devices through USB port. Before connecting them again ensure that USB port is fully dry.

In clear and bright sun solar bikini is able to produce 5v which is enough for powering mostly modern devices which are generally used at the beach such as iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth speakers.

The solar bikini is directly transferred electricity to your device which means no energy is stored in the Solar Powered bikini so no backup is in the solar-powered bikini.

Don’t let the enjoyment down because of electricity. Just wear solar power Bikini and enjoy each and every moment. Mans do not upset Schneider is working to develop a similar device for them. Very soon they launch their new product for mens.


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