Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases

Smartphone case gives a unique identity to your phone. Here is a list of  Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases. That gives a unique look at your phone.

1. Metal Dial Phone.

Our first case steampunk Rotary Metal Dial Phone gives a classy look to your phone.This case is available for all the model of iPhone. Materials used to make it are synthetic rubber and polycarbonate which gives it a super strong shock resistance. These case have the strongest protection in the slimmest style. the dual layer protects your phone against drops. This case is available at the price of $74.60. Click here to buy it.

2. Cat Phone Case with Legs.

This case has a stand in the form of animals legs. This plastic case is very useful while watching a movie. Due to its legs, it is very easy to hold in hands. The legs also hold the phone while you keep your phone in one side position. The slim design allows accessing to press buttons and charging cables. The super strong plastic protects the phone from the shock and hight fall.

3. Pepper Spray case.

Women safety is a very serious topic and our next case is for that. Pepper spray case is attached to a pepper spray can. The cones can be refilled many times and give 6 bursts of a cone spray at 6-8 feets. This can is available in multicolor and compactable with most of the iPhones. All these features are at the price of $9.69. You can buy it by click here.

4. Multi-Tool Case.

Every time carrying tools is very difficult and you never predict when you need it. This case the best Top 5 Unique iPhone Cases on our list. Next cases of our list solve this problem. This polycarbonate case carries a Bottle opener, pen, Scissors, Screwdriver, nail file and much more. Every tool is made up of stainless steel. All of this cool stuff and a really awesome mobile case cost $17.95. You can buy it by click here.

5. Game Boy.

Our last case of this count is definitely taken you flashback to your childhood memories. This case made up of silicone and rubber and resemble gamepad which we love to play in 90’s. This is available on the mostly shopping website you can buy it from there.



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