You can experience Virtual reality only by seeing but this new gadget makes you feel the surroundings. Experience your video game with a new angle. Whirlwind FX has a totally new concept which let you feel on-screen effects like fire, wind etc in reality. Imagine felling the effect of the explosion while watching an action scene from a movie. Or what about the swirling inferno of dragon’s fiery breath.  yes, this is real and the Vortx is going to do all this.


Vortx is a 4D Environment Simulator which can physically recreate any virtual environment in the comfort of your home. It takes all the required data from your computer and simulates the condition according to situations on your screen. This will become more exciting with Gaming suits.

Vortex 4D Environmental simulator


Vortx provides real-time environment effects with adjustable intensity. For all this Vortex recognizes and analyzes on-screen elements to produce real effects that transport you into virtual worlds. This device build for gamers it easily integrates with your PC, Xbox, VR, PlayStation or entertainment setup. Fusion of Vortex and Gaming suit (we publish an article on gaming suit click here to read it) really gives you a totally strange feeling which is 100% real feeling.




Vortx has air deflector, Intensity control, Adjustable nozzle and Compact Design Wich make it more user-friendly. It works with all your gaming titles from FPS, to MMO/RPGs and racing simulator. If we talk about video environment this is compactable with all digital video content including streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go etc. For VR  it works with Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Tim Sun is the founder & CEO. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University.




This futuristic gadget is currently available in the market started at $99.99. The WHIRLWIND FX started it’s pre-order very soon they start to deliver.


Source:- Kickstarter


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