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Interior of homes reflects a lot about you. And guest always notices everything. Our next gadget is definitely amazing them and opens an endless path of creation. Shape your endless imagination with X Base. Which is a display stand which wirelessly powers unique LED lights. X base comes with tiny LEDs which are wirelessly powered and you can pass it on anything. These tiny LEDs light up when you carry it near to the X-base. This LED lighting system for plastic modeling, figures or art projects. The wireless and waterproof LEDs make Do it yourself illumination easy.

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x base wirelessly power a LED light


Technology Behind X Base.

This whole device work on magnetic field resonance system. If we look little deep electromagnetic induction is the main reason behind every wireless electricity transmission. Very much similar to wireless chargers and led sticker we discussed earlier. It transmits wirelessly the power to the special design LED lights. When the X-base power on the LEDs automatically lights up.  For this, the LEDs must be in the range of X-base. These LED lights use a coil to receive magnetic energy transmitted from the power station.


X base transfer power wirelessly near about 15W. This 11.8 in (300mm) wide, 13 in (330mm) Deep and 12.6 in (320mm) long screen is powered by an AC adaptor. The LED lights are specially designed which only glow when it comes near to the x-base. These shining stars are waterproof. It can light up 500 LEDs simultaneously. which are 4.5mm in height and 4.5 in diameter. Use of this product not much flexible you have to follow some precaution like, Do not place it on any metal surface. None of the metallic objects like Ring should be on your hand.


This X Base is available and can be ship in most of the countries at the price of approx $3,600.


Source:- Kickstarter


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